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Tips for Fresh and Clean Hot Tub Water

Keeping your hot tub water lovely to use - clean, fresh, sparkly clear - is easier if you remember a few important tips.

Shocking your water after use is a sure-fire way to have fresh and clean water for your next use. Adding one or two capfuls of shock each time you finish soaking will burn out organics (bather waste, etc), leaving the sanitizer free to maintain the freshness of your water until next time.

Weekly additions of enzymes also deal with organic waste in your water. The enzyme naturally breaks down contaminants and reduces the work-load of your sanitizer and filter. Enzymes are a highly effective extra cleanse for your tub to help keep your water sparkly clear and fresh.

Rinsing and occasionally soaking your filter cartridges ensures you always have the most effective filtration for your spa water.  Did you know that drying your filter after cleaning is an excellent way to enhance performance? Just like jeans, the fabric of the pleats shrinks as it dries. This means each little cell in the fabric more effectively filters out the smallest particulate.

Finally, do you know about TDS? It really is the only objective measure of the freshness of your water.  If you have clear mountain water you’ll likely see a total dissolved solid (TDS) level of zero. As the water is treated and used the TDS increases.  At a TDS level of 1500 ppm (after around 3 months of normal use) it is time to drain your spa.  Don’t wait for your water care efforts to go south. A discerning spa owner will monitor TDS instead.

We want you to enjoy the best quality spa water for every soak.

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