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Local Pool Business

We are Local. We Heart Local. Think Local Vancouver. It’s not just for produce and food;  POOL LOCAL.

We are a Vancouver pool supply company and we want you to understand the benefits of doing business with us. Supporting local business is not just good for our economy and good for our community, it has personal, individual benefits for you.

At BluPool Supply, we are here, our market is here, our experience is here — here in your neighbourhood — to empower you for all of your pool decisions. It’s a local call to reach a pool professional. Contact us for chemical delivery, equipment purchase, upgrades, etc.

Your pool is not a virtual pool; you need more than a virtual pool company. BluPool operates a face to face pool company with in-depth knowledge of your pool (or one right near it). We understand the local market and climate. We know where you live and what will work for you.

We are proud to be local but we also want to offer you online convenience. Our online store lists equipment and chemicals and other pool products for free local delivery. We offer premium product at competitive prices. We choose and size our chemical products accordingly for our season. We know which equipment works for our needs here in the Pacific Wet Coast.  And we feature goods from local distributors; we can source most products within a day or two.

Not only will we meet your local needs for purchase, but we are available for install, warranty, and repair.  Contact us and one of our fully-trained professionals can be on-site as needed - not just online.

Local pool business is good for you and good for all of us.

Raving Reviews!

Brett Maude knows about customer service and satisfaction. After working with Brett for many years, I can recommend the BluPools team without reservation. Their product knowledge and expertise in pool maintenance and service is second to none.

Brad, Abbotsford