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Early Spring Prep for Your Swimming Pool

Here are some reminders of what to do for your pool here in early spring.

Clean up the area surrounding your pool.  Remove plant debris from the pool deck, patio, nearby beds – take care of anything that might lead to debris in your pool. Cut back trees and hedges that hang over your pool.

Check your pool for any winter damage - inspect surfaces and structure carefully looking out for any tile damage, cracks in the coping, plumbing leaks, etc.  It is best to have any necessary work done on your pool well ahead of swim season.

Book early - if you intend to have professionals get your pool ready for swim season, book your opening early.  Service spots fill up very fast for the preferred spring opening weeks. 

Open early - as soon as temperatures start to rise, so do the chances of algae growth.  Pool professionals recommend you open your pool early - get your equipment functioning, balance your water, keep your chlorine levels up. Don’t wait until the week before you want to swim to open.


Raving Reviews!

Working with Brett for the last three years has been absolutely fantastic! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and is always in a great mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brett and BluPools to friends, family and coworkers. Even complete strangers!

Drew, Maple Ridge