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Local Pool Business

We are Local. We Heart Local. Think Local Vancouver. It’s not just for produce and food;  POOL LOCAL.

We are a Vancouver pool supply company and we want you to understand the benefits of doing business with us. Supporting local business is not just good for our economy and good for our community, it has personal, individual benefits for you.

At BluPool Supply, we are here, our market is here, our experience is here — here in your neighbourhood — to empower you for all of your pool decisions. It’s a local call to reach a pool professional. Contact us for chemical delivery, equipment purchase, upgrades, etc.

Your pool is not a virtual pool; you need more than a virtual pool company. BluPool operates a face to face pool company with in-depth knowledge of your pool (or one right near it). We understand the local market and climate. We know where you live and what will work for you.

We are proud to be local but we also want to offer you online convenience. Our online store lists equipment and chemicals and other pool products for free local delivery. We offer premium product at competitive prices. We choose and size our chemical products accordingly for our season. We know which equipment works for our needs here in the Pacific Wet Coast.  And we feature goods from local distributors; we can source most products within a day or two.

Not only will we meet your local needs for purchase, but we are available for install, warranty, and repair.  Contact us and one of our fully-trained professionals can be on-site as needed - not just online.

Local pool business is good for you and good for all of us.

Do You Need Professional Pool Maintenance?

Our lives are busy and our lives are stressful. Hiring a pool maintenance company will give you more time and less stress. 

How much time do you spend on pool maintenance?  A professional pool company like BluPool will  have a tech on-site for an average of 40 minutes per visit. This is not a quick visit - it is enough time for an experienced professional to ensure the job is done well.  An average homeowner certainly needs to spend far more time than that for professional results.

Water care can be frustrating. Many people choose to have a pool expert treat their pool because water balance and the adding of chemicals requires more knowledge than a homeowner may possess. Pool equipment can be intimidating. Any issue with equipment can seriously affect operation. A professional can easily spot and handle mechanical problems. Additionally a pro will use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money as your pool starts to age.  And having a relationship with a pool company will really come in handy for booking repairs, openings, closings, or upgrades. Hiring a professional pool company prevents stress.

In our busy lives we sometimes we get behind on the to do list. Unfortunately, a pool won’t wait. Preserving the proper chemistry of your pool water is essential to protecting the equipment and surfaces. In the long-run professional pool maintenance protects your investment and saves money.  And if you happen to miss a crucial chemical dosing or cleaning, you can end up losing weeks of swimming to a green pool or other water problem.

The time saved by hiring a maintenance service adds up to more than your time working poolside. A local pool specialist will have ready access to supplies so no need to shop for pool chems. A professional has great tools, including high quality water testing kits with new reagents and the expertise to apply results.. This means no waiting for a retail consult or test for you. Saving time and saving stress.

Why don’t you contact a local pool professional and leave yourself free to enjoy your pool.

Early Spring Prep for Your Swimming Pool

Here are some reminders of what to do for your pool here in early spring.

Clean up the area surrounding your pool.  Remove plant debris from the pool deck, patio, nearby beds – take care of anything that might lead to debris in your pool. Cut back trees and hedges that hang over your pool.

Check your pool for any winter damage - inspect surfaces and structure carefully looking out for any tile damage, cracks in the coping, plumbing leaks, etc.  It is best to have any necessary work done on your pool well ahead of swim season.

Book early - if you intend to have professionals get your pool ready for swim season, book your opening early.  Service spots fill up very fast for the preferred spring opening weeks. 

Open early - as soon as temperatures start to rise, so do the chances of algae growth.  Pool professionals recommend you open your pool early - get your equipment functioning, balance your water, keep your chlorine levels up. Don’t wait until the week before you want to swim to open.


Tips for Fresh and Clean Hot Tub Water

Keeping your hot tub water lovely to use - clean, fresh, sparkly clear - is easier if you remember a few important tips.

Shocking your water after use is a sure-fire way to have fresh and clean water for your next use. Adding one or two capfuls of shock each time you finish soaking will burn out organics (bather waste, etc), leaving the sanitizer free to maintain the freshness of your water until next time.

Weekly additions of enzymes also deal with organic waste in your water. The enzyme naturally breaks down contaminants and reduces the work-load of your sanitizer and filter. Enzymes are a highly effective extra cleanse for your tub to help keep your water sparkly clear and fresh.

Rinsing and occasionally soaking your filter cartridges ensures you always have the most effective filtration for your spa water.  Did you know that drying your filter after cleaning is an excellent way to enhance performance? Just like jeans, the fabric of the pleats shrinks as it dries. This means each little cell in the fabric more effectively filters out the smallest particulate.

Finally, do you know about TDS? It really is the only objective measure of the freshness of your water.  If you have clear mountain water you’ll likely see a total dissolved solid (TDS) level of zero. As the water is treated and used the TDS increases.  At a TDS level of 1500 ppm (after around 3 months of normal use) it is time to drain your spa.  Don’t wait for your water care efforts to go south. A discerning spa owner will monitor TDS instead.

We want you to enjoy the best quality spa water for every soak.

Raving Reviews!

Brett Maude knows about customer service and satisfaction. After working with Brett for many years, I can recommend the BluPools team without reservation. Their product knowledge and expertise in pool maintenance and service is second to none.

Brad, Abbotsford