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Pool Chemicals

Pool Opening Kit
Spring essentials. JUST $80
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Chlorine Pool Shock - 8kg
Removes contaminants. $74.93
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Pool Shock - 18kg
Chlorine Pool Shock. $112.70
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Ultra Pucks - 7kg
Pool pucks. $63.36
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Algaecide Ultra 40
Prevent algae growth. $20.82
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Alka Plus - 8kg
Raises Alkalinity. $28.12
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pH Minus - 3 kg
Reduces pH and alkalinity. $13.04
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Calcium Plus - 8kg
Raises calcium. $28.98
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Stabilizer and Conditioner - 1.8 kg
Sunscreen for chlorine (CYA) $24.65
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Pool clean-up floc $61.86
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Working with Brett for the last three years has been absolutely fantastic! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and is always in a great mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brett and BluPools to friends, family and coworkers. Even complete strangers!

Drew, Maple Ridge