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Chlorine Pool Shock - 8kg

Pool Shock is applied in a single dose larger dose to remove waste and destroy bacteria and algae for a clean and safe pool you can enjoy all year round. Super-chlorinate regularly to maintain the best water clarity and free chlorine effectiveness. 

Chlor 65 is a granular chlorine shock of 65% cal-hypo.

Pool Shock works overtime eliminating contaminants now while preventing future growth of bacteria and algae. Shocking your pool weekly during swim season kills microorganisms and deals with swimmer waste left behind by regular chlorination. Shocking will also removes Combined (used) Chlorine, reducing eye and skin irritation as well as maintaining a sparkling clean pool.


It was an absolute pleasure meeting Brett.

I recently called the owner of BluPool and requested that he visit my strata for the purpose of advising us on our water feature that has been in dire need of attention for several years. Obviously an expert in his field, Brett was polite, he was a wealth of knowledge and best of all, he was honest. His explanation of maintenance and operations procedure was simple, to the point and easy to understand. His visit was pleasant and he left me feeling both confident and satisfied knowing that with his help we will be soon heading in the right direction and we will be well educated in properly maintaining our water feature.  I can’t thank him enough and I look very forward to working with him.

MC, Vancouver