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Spa Chemicals

Spa Chemical Kit - Chlorine
All you need to start.
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Spa Chemical Kit - Bromine
All the basics
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Alka Plus - 1 kg
Raises Alkalinity.
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Calcium Plus- 900 ml
Quck acting liquid.
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pH Minus - 900 ml
Concentrated gel.
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pH Plus - 900 ml
Quick acting gel.
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Shock - 900 g
Fast acting weekly spa shock.
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Oxy Clear - 850 g
Non-chlorine shock.
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Chlor Tabs - 1 kg
Chlorine Tablets for spa.
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Chlorine Granules - 900 g
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Working with Brett for the last three years has been absolutely fantastic! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and is always in a great mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brett and BluPools to friends, family and coworkers. Even complete strangers!

Drew, Maple Ridge