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Spa Chemicals

Brom Tabs - 700 g
Bromine tablets.
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Brom Tabs - 1.5 kg
Bromine tabs.
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Brom Granules - 900 g
Bomine granules.
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Spa Perfect - 1L
Extra enzyme cleanse.
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Soft - 800 - g
Water enhancer.
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Rainbow 2 in 1 Test Kit (Cl, pH)
For chlorine/bromine and pH.
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Clarifier - 900 ml
Spa water clarifier.
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Defoam - 500 ml
Eliminates foam.
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Insta-Test 3 - 50 strips
Test strips
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Stain Protect - 900 ml
Removes metals.
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Brett Maude knows about customer service and satisfaction. After working with Brett for many years, I can recommend the BluPools team without reservation. Their product knowledge and expertise in pool maintenance and service is second to none.

Brad, Abbotsford