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Pool Shock - 18kg

Pool Shock dissolves quickly, destroying bacteria and algae for a clean and safe pool you can enjoy all year round.


Pool powder shock and super-chlorinator
Quickly dissolves
Eliminates bacteria, algae and other contaminants
65% available chlorine

Pool Shock works overtime eliminating contaminants now while preventing future growth of bacteria and algae. Shocking your pool weekly during the swimming season kills any microorganisms and swimmer waste left behind by regular chlorination. Shocking will also free up Combined Available Chlorine, reducing eye and skin irritation as well as maintaining a sparkling clean pool.


Working with Brett for the last three years has been absolutely fantastic! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and is always in a great mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brett and BluPools to friends, family and coworkers. Even complete strangers!

Drew, Maple Ridge