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Maintenance Goods

Telescopic Pole - 8 to 16 feet
PoolStyle. $37.94
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Insta-Test 3 - 50 strips
Test strips
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Heavy Duty Pole - 8 ' to 16'
Commercial grade. $132.08
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Insta-Test Strips 5 Plus - 50 strips
Dip and read testing.
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Transparent Vac Head by Rainbow
Heavy Duty. $99.45  
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Test Strips Salt - 50 strips
Dip and read strips.
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Concrete Vac Head
Flexible,12 inches. $39.98
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Rainbow Concrete Vac Head
Heavy duty. $84.52
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Inline Leaf Trap
Time and equipment saver. $140.31
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Floating Chlorine Dispenser
Blue and white floater.
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BluPool's team offers an excellent service and really understands the benefit of using the best technologies in the market to maintain a swimming pool in perfect conditions.

Moises De Alba